Save Energy With Zoning

Increase Comfort and Save Energy With Zoning
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During different times of day, heating and cooling certain areas of your home is more important than others. While sleeping, for example, you are typically only concerned with your bedrooms. By installing a zoning system into your current heating and cooling setup, you can focus your energy on these areas, helping you save energy and money.

You can also use zoning to cool your kitchen during a hot summer day while you are cooking.

Zoning is handy for solving both these and other problems.

A zoning system separates your home into individual zones, each controlled by their own thermostat. This gives you the opportunity to direct heating and cooling only to certain areas throughout the day. When used properly, this can help you save significantly on your heating and cooling bills.

Many people choose to create zones for family rooms, bedrooms, the kitchen, etc.  It is also common to separate upstairs from downstairs.  A standard zoning system typically consists of two to eight different zones.

Zoning is a great way to save energy while remaining as comfortable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the zones created? In a standard heating and cooling system, air is distributed evenly throughout the ducts. By adding dampers, we give you the ability to direct air to only the areas that need it. This is controlled by individual thermostats.

Can zoning be installed in my existing system? In most cases, yes. For a free estimate or more information, please contact us today.

Save Energy With Zoning
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